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The Earth Line

You know that feeling of “ahhhhh” when you walk barefoot in the grass, dig your feet into the sand, swim in a natural body of water, stand at the top of a mountain, spread your arms and feel the wind on your face, or come out into a clearing after a brisk walk in the woods? That feeling is you tuning into nature and your body recalibrating its energy to the earth’s vibration.  This energetic process is referred to as “grounding”, and it is that process we had in mind when we designed our Earth Line of jewelry. 

Most of us live in an urban habitat full of concrete and tennis shoes, disconnecting us from Mother Earth.  It becomes hard to find time to reconnect with nature when we are moving at such a fast pace, trying to live up to never ending responsibilities and self-imposed and external expectations.  We find ourselves off balance, out of sorts, and in desperate need of realigning our connection with Mother Earth.  

We here at Wysdohm believe that we are part of Mother Earth and she is part of us, not a separate entity for humans to merely use.  When we feel a disconnect in our lives, we are disconnected from Mother Earth and our own higher selves.  That feeling of disconnect is our bodies, minds, and spirits pleading to reconnect with Mother Earth so that our energy can realign.   

With our Earth Line of Jewelry, each combination of stones was intuitively selected with not only the beautiful aesthetic of earthy tones in mind, but also with a focus on bringing to you that earthy energy of grounding combined with pointing you in the right direction.  Many of the stones work with the Root Chakra in combination with other stones that assist in aligning the entire chakra system and body in a balanced way. 

It is often thought that a stone chooses you, not the other way around, so we encourage you to take your time in browsing to allow yourself to be intuitively drawn to a particular bracelet.  We have found time and again when we allow that to happen it is exactly the energy to which we need to connect and align in that moment. Happy Connecting!