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Tiger Eye Line

While the Earth Line jewelry is there for us when “adulting” seems hard and we need a little motherly love, the Tiger Eye Line is the line of jewelry to choose when you are ready to take action and step into that power we have here in the physical world.  This line is designed around some of the most powerful stones in the mineral world, the “Eye” stones.  Each has their own special energy that assists us in tapping into our inner Warrior God or Goddess to conquer and accomplish even the most challenging of endeavors. 

The “Eye” stones get their name because of the chatoyancy effect to them that creates an optical reflectance that makes them appear like an eye.  This effect creates luminous streaks of reflected light that look like the sheen off a spool of silk.  The effect is beautiful, and the energy is powerful.  They are our favorite stones to work with when we are focused and setting forth to accomplish something. 

The Tiger Eye Line is designed primarily around the various stones in the Tiger Eye family, including the golden/brown Tiger Eye, Red Tiger Eye, and Blue Tiger Eye.  While each has its own unique properties, we think of Tiger Eye in general as that Jason Momoa stone in the mineral world.  What is there not to love about Jason Momoa?  He exudes a powerful, yet joyful and playful, type of energy, and it is that sort of energy that appears to make him so successful.  He exudes this level of strength and vitality while also appearing very grounded to Mother Earth, family, love and peace.  Every woman wants to date him, and every man wishes he could be him.  He exudes such powerful energy that most of the characters that he plays in movies are warriors and superheroes.  It is that sort of energy that Tiger Eye can bring to your life.  Select one of these bracelets when you or someone you love is ready to step into that “Leading Lady” or “Leading Man” role in his or her life and let the super star power of the Higher Self really shine. 

 Golden/Brown Tiger Eye is the “negotiator stone” and the “crisis resolver.”  It assists in tapping into the inner Warrior God/dess and awakening the “all seeing all knowing” eye to help you see and understand the full picture from the scattered pieces.  It assists the wearer in finding the “means” or balance between extremes and assists in taking action from emotional balance, strength of will, and clarity of intention.  It is an ally for the mind by promoting harmony when there is diversity or conflict, aiding the user to find the common ground.  Tiger Eye is ideal for those who are entrepreneurs, starting a new business, or seeking advance professionally.  It is also good for assisting those with scattered thoughts, ADHD, lack of direction or purpose, or who have difficulty remaining optimistic. Tiger Eye is the go-to stone for support, determination, overcoming of fear, and gaining clarity. 

Red Tiger Eye, also known as Dragon’s Eye, emanates stimulating and motivational energy.  It motivates the unmotivated and energizes those who are feeling lethargic.  It is said to speed up the metabolism and boost sex drive.  It helps add vitality and passion to life, assisting in increasing optimism, self-confidence and self-esteem.  It is psychically protective, and it assists in mental and spiritual awareness, enhancing psychic abilities. 

Blue Tiger Eye, also called “Hawk’s Eye”, takes the soothing nature of Tiger Eye to the next level, assisting with stress and anxiety by increasing calm in a very nurturing way.  Blue Tiger Eye not only acts to activate the “all seeing, all knowing” aspect of the third eye, its blue qualities assist in speaking and acting with clarity and integrity. This combination makes Blue Tiger Eye an ideal stone to those who are about to speak publicly or give a presentation in front of an audience to not only access intuition, but to transfer said information through clear and confident communication.  Blue Tiger Eye is also a stone of abundance and healing. 

Cat’s Eye is such a cool mystical looking stone.  It has earned its name because it resembles the eye of a cat.  Like a cat always landing on its feet, Cat’s Eye is probably best known for its protective properties of warding off evil and attracting good luck, wealth and prosperity.  Who couldn’t use that?  With regard to wealth, it is known to help you regain wealth you have previously lost. It is a spiritual awakening stone, known for how fast and effective its energies work.  It works to stimulate the Crown Chakra, assisting in recovery from prior trauma, relieving anxiety and stress, and stimulating intuition, creativity, and self-confidence.  It shares with you its energy of “sight”, and it is known to assist in “seeing” another’s true intentions toward you.   

Additional stones in the Tiger Eye Line include Tiger Iron, Artistic Jasper, Silver Leaf Jasper, Labradorite, Flower Obsidian, Hematite, Black Onyx, Snowflake Obsidian, Wood, Black Banded Agate, and Pyrite.  Each bracelet within this Line is designed to assist the user in tapping into his or her unique strength and power in order to focus on action. 

It is often thought that a stone chooses you, not the other way around, so we encourage you to take your time in browsing to allow yourself to be intuitively drawn to a particular bracelet.  We have found time and again when we allow that to happen it is exactly the energy that we need to connect and align ourselves with in that moment. Happy Connecting!