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Welcome to the World of Wysdohm.  Thanks for stopping by and checking out our website.  We hope you enjoy your time browsing and fall in love with some of the items we love too. 

It is said that we (as in the collective “we” here on Earth) are going through an energetic shift in our physical world and that is why we are experiencing upheaval and challenges greater than anything we have experienced in this lifetime.  It is said we are moving from a centuries-long period of the “Age of Pisces” into the “Age of Aquarius,” which is marked with a shift from being a patriarchal based society back to a more matriarchal-led culture.  The story of Wysdohm and my journey to starting this company with my family is marked by the role the women and matriarchal figures in my life have played as influential roles in me getting to this point.  This story is about how profoundly they have shaped my understanding of our purpose here on earth and the role love plays during our time here. 

In short, Wysdohm is a small family-owned business that provides hand-made, small batch artisanal products that reflect our dedication to living our lives in conformance with our spiritual and philosophical principles of living life with conscious awakening, mindful balance, and love and light.   That’s my one sentence explanation of the business.  However, that alone fails to capture the magic and importance this business is for me and my family and the journey I’m inviting you all to join us on. 

We chose the spelling and name “Wysdohm” because it contains the Primal Sound “Ohm” in it, the sound from which all things are derived from.  To us, “Wysdohm” means “taking wisdom to the next level.”  That has been the purpose of our journey so far and will continue to be in our journey of partnering with you. 

 So who are we?  First and foremost we are a family.   My mom, who we lovingly like to refer to as Granny T, is the inspiration for Wysdohm.  For my entire life growing up with her, she’s always been a strong and outspoken woman who marches to the beat of her own drum.  At every step of my life as a child (and even now), she always strove to give me the freedom to choose to be who I wanted to be while imparting her words of wisdom in my head.  As a child, I didn’t always understand why she cared so much for others, including complete strangers.  She often put the wellbeing of others, including me, ahead of her own.  As an adult now, I am finally coming to a place where I can love and respect that about her, recognizing that is one of her best qualities. 

In 2016, we had a very profound change in our lives.  My grandmother, who had been the matriarch in our family, and the glue that held all of us together, moved on from this material world here on Earth.  The loss of her being physically present with us had a very dramatic impact on my mom. It sparked something in my mom and she embarked on a spiritual journey that leads us to now. 

She realized how short life was here on Earth in our physical forms and that we choose to join this physical world for a purpose of growing, expanding, and learning.  She began her process of awakening.  What no longer served her in this life she released.  She began to consciously grow and evolve, striving to live more intentionally.  She grew comfortable embracing what she had always intuitively known, that we were here for the purpose of love, spreading love, and loving and helping others.  She began striving to be fully present in the now so she could fully experience the energy of the connectedness we all have of really being One.  The philosophy she had always intuitively known, but sometimes fought, she strove to fully embrace each day.   

I first met Samantha, my lovely wife, in 2012 while working my first real job after graduating from high school.  I worked in the kitchen of a local steakhouse, and she waited tables.  Sam wasn’t too sure about me at first.  I was young (couldn’t even legally drink at the time) and a bit directionless.  Sam’s life was going through a transformation, and she had a young daughter, Danica, that she had to put first in her life.  I had to work hard to earn her trust, but her agreeing to give me a shot to prove myself was the greatest gift anyone has ever given me.  Her gift of her and her daughter and their love gave me that sense of purpose I was looking for, and I focused on building a life for us that honored and respected the love of my life and her little girl. 

One of the things I had put off was formally proposing to and marrying Sam.  In October 2018, I decided it was time to propose to Samantha.  After six years of being together, I knew Sam was the one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, co-creating and manifesting a beautiful one for all of us.  She is my partner in every way.  She is the one that brings out the best in me and sparks that desire to be the best version of myself.  We had already created our own little family of me, her, Danica, and our two dogs, our German Shephard Louie and English Bulldog Tank.  It was time to make it official. 

One of the things we had in common that joined us was that we both had a love of everything Disney.  As a young child, my parents had annual passes to Disneyland and we often spent days off there.  Those excursions were some of my first memories of experiencing moments of love and light with just pure joy in the moment.  Sam had grown up loving the message of Disney about love, family, pursuing your dreams, and living the fairy tale life that always has the happy ending (and new beginning).  With my mom’s encouragement and support to make it possible, Sam and I began planning our own magical wedding at Disneyworld for January 2020. 

So how did we get to here?  At that point in her transformative spiritual journey, my mom had been working with crystal healing energy and had become a crystal enthusiast.  She had filled her place and our office with stones of all sorts.  She had a bowl of clear quartz and rose quartz crystals sitting between our desks.  When she felt my energy was off, she would move them closer to me.  When she met with clients she had bowls of crystals on the table that promoted soothing energies, honesty, trust, and open communication.  In the four corners of her home she placed Black tourmaline and other black stones in planters with soil and plants.  She even had large pieces of Tourmaline with Citrine at her front door.  I’d watch her each day in her ritual of intuitively selecting the jewelry with stones that she would wear that day, allowing her to intuitively be drawn to the stones that she needed at that moment.  There were times she would tell me to come in to work later because she was running behind and still needed to meditate or do yoga.  

I will be honest.  It took me a while to get on board.  A part of me thought my mom had lost her mind.  However, because I loved her, I wanted to support her in whatever journey she felt she needed to take.  Not surprisingly, over time Samantha and I began transforming ourselves, beginning our own spiritual journey, adopting many of the philosophical elements my mother was sharing with us on her path. 

This path may have a start, but I’m not sure it ever has an end for any of us.  Even when our time here on Earth ends, as my grandmother demonstrates, the seeds we’ve planted during our time continue to grow and spread, taking on new life of their own.  One of the challenges we have found so far on this journey is that as we begin living more consciously and intentionally it is sometimes challenging to find our balance in living in this consumption-consumer driven world where we can feel confident as consumers (and producers) that our creation of our material world that we live in aligns with the principals we wish to live by.  We have experienced first-hand the challenges of how do we as consumers know that the products we are purchasing are what they say they are, that they are ethically and ecologically sourced, that when they claim to be “organic” or “fair trade” or any other “good feeling” certification they truly are what we think that means, and that our process of purchasing and consuming is truly uplifting and bettering society and its members.  Part of what we are trying to do by creating Wysdohm is to invite you on that journey with us as we explore doing all of that better each and every day as we grow as individuals and as a company.  It is our goal to strive each day to be better and better at developing that role in our world, along with earning your trust in joining us in that journey. 

Because of that goal, our initial concept of Wysdohm has grown, or, as my mom likes to say, we are allowing the Universe to allow what is meant to be unfold.  So far it has grown to more than any of us could have possibly initially conceived on our own.  Wysdohm originally started because my mom found it challenging in finding the crystal healing bracelets that she wanted.  She wanted to know the sourcing, which was challenging.  She wanted a price point that wasn’t at the designer, corporate box-store level of hundreds of dollars for a crystal bracelet.  Many of the bracelets that did fit those two categories were all one stone, requiring her to wear a forearm full of bracelets that didn’t stack well together if she wanted a particular combination of energy that day to assist her. 

In anticipation of my wedding to Samantha, my mom wanted to create some designs of crystal healing bracelets for me, Sam, and the wedding party as gifts for the big day.  One of the things we’ve learned in this process is that when you put an intention out in the Universe, releasing it to the Universe to do its work, the Universe will place exactly what you need in the moment onto your path at just the right time.  That is what has happened in each step of this journey.  The people who are intended to join our tribe have appeared in our lives exactly when needed.  One of those individuals pointed us in the direction of our wholesaler for the beads used in our Wysdohm bracelets.  My mom’s first collection was the Wedding Line, a result of her creative and intuitive exploration for our wedding. 

The Wysdohm Bracelet Collections have just grown from there, and five different lines with diverse themes are at the heart of our initial launch of Wysdohm.  Initially we were just going to sell them in small business crystal and gem shops, boutiques, and bridal and clothing stores, but the pandemic hit, dramatically creating a “new normal” in all of our lives and as a collective society.  The sheltering at home gave our family the time, opportunity and focus during that liminal pause to create what we are launching today…the Wysdohm World. 

This journey so far, with all of its twists and turns, has been a beautiful and exciting one for us.  We are even more excited to be at the point of reaching out to others to join us on this journey of growth, expansion, conscious and intentional living, and spreading love and light.  While we are starting today with my mom’s beautiful and inspirational bracelet line, this is just really the start of the Wysdohm journey.  Over the next months and years, through conscious mindfulness, we will be adding products created with that goal of alignment with our spiritual and philosophical journey.  We will be sharing with you our process to earn and build trust with you as our partners on this path. 

In a time of great upheaval and change, this is just part of what we are trying to do on our journey of spreading more love and light that is needed in this world.  We would be honored if you joined us on this path. 


Dillon Knight, President and CEO of Wysdohm