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Wedding Line

The Wedding Line is the Line of Love, and just as you should always start everything by leading with the heart, the Wedding Line started everything here at Wysdohm.  We were preparing for Dillon and Samantha’s wedding, and the matriarch of Wysdohm, Dillon’s mom, began playing around with designing bracelets for the bride and groom and their wedding party.  During that process, a whole line of bracelets was created, and the rest is now history. 


This Line isn’t just about weddings.  It is about love and life, attracting in that great love and building upon it for a lifetime based upon mutual compassion, patience, and respect.  White Jade, the showcase stone of this line, is all of those #relationshipgoals rolled into one stone. No matter what stage you are at with love, this line of bracelets is designed to assist you with ensuring it is built from a solid foundation up in order to endure over time.  The foundation of this line consists of White Jade (the “Good Luck” stone), Clear Crystal Quartz (the “Queen” of crystals), Black Onyx (for protection), Hematite (for grounding and staying present in the moment), and Tourmalinated Quartz (the combining of the feminine and masculine energies into one stone more powerful together than separate).  This Line is also excellent at awakening Kundalini energy. 


Throughout history, Jade has long been thought of in many different cultures as the “Good Luck” stone, blessing whoever touches it.  For us at Wysdohm, we think of Jade as that stone that represents the life well lived, full of good health, prosperity, peace and grace.  White Jade is a Nephrite Jade that is distinguishable by its brilliant pure white color.  White Jade is said to enhance the energy of love in the user’s life while calming the mind and making challenges of life seem like a breeze to manage.  It is that perfect stone for ensuring you start out a relationship or new life together on the right footing.  It opens the user’s heart to receive love, while softening the user’s heart to allow action from pure compassion, patience, and love, thereby promoting peace and harmony in relationships.  It is also great for protection of mother and child during pregnancy and assists with fertility. 


Clear Quartz is the ultimate powerful “Queen” of the stone world and is highly regarded as the most popular and versatile of all the crystals.   It can be used for any purpose with the setting of intention, and it amplifies any energy within the user or other stones used in conjunction, along with any intention set.  It also is believed to strengthen the aura, protects against negativity, and assists to connect to the higher self for purposes of spiritual growth.  It works with all of the chakras to cleanse, open, activate and align the physical, mental and spiritual self.  Clear Quartz is considered the supreme gift of Mother Earth.


Black Onyx is one of the “Big Daddy” protection stones.  Thought of as the “Stone of Self-Mastery,” it is made up of a duality of powers.  It provides protection by absorbing and transforming negative energies, both internal and external to the user.  It helps prevent the drain of personal energy so that the user can rebuild strength and vitality.  It is an excellent stone to use when endurance and strength is needed for a challenging task.  It challenges the user to go within, do the shadow work needed within one’s self, and to integrate the dualities within one’s self so as to become the master of one’s own destiny.  It assists in banishing grief, releasing pain from old wounds, and helps the user with grounding and connecting to a Higher Power for guidance. 


Hematite is the grounding force in the stone world that connects us to Mother Earth.   Everyone can use a little Hematite in their life given its powerful grounding and balancing energy.  Hematite assists the user in feeling centered and calm.  Its energy is intense, but also subtle.  It is also a very protective stone, assisting in protecting against harmful geopathic and electromagnetic energies.  It is also said to be a great detoxifying stone.  Hematite is one of our favorite stones to use, and something everyone should have on hand for those moments when balance and grounding is needed.


Tourmalinated Quartz is the “Wonder Twins” of the super-hero crystal world, combining the power of Clear Quartz with that of Black Tourmaline, thereby creating “Wonder Twin Super Powers.”  Black Tourmaline is considered by many crystal enthusiasts to be the most powerful of the Protection Stones in warding off negative energy.  It deflects external negative energy while purifying energy internally.  When combined with the amplificatory effect of Clear Quartz, this duo becomes one powerful stone in protecting against psychic attacks.


It is often thought that a stone chooses you, not the other way around, so we encourage you to take your time in browsing to allow yourself to be intuitively drawn to a particular bracelet.  We have found time and again when we allow that to happen it is exactly the energy that we need to connect and align ourselves with in that moment.  Happy Connecting!