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The Liminal Pause Bracelet

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“When the world is at your back, and your heart is at your feet…the best way to go on is to just ‘be’”—Jennifer Varnadore

Properties: *Protection *Grounding *Purifying *Energy Boost *Higher-Consciousness *Peace *Aligning *Opening *Emotional Healing *Self Love *Stress Reliever

Materials:  10mm polished Hematite, Selenite and Pink Tourmaline rounds

Description:  The message we often tell ourselves or hear from others when we have gone through some sort of tragedy or heartbreak (or even a stressful situation) is to just keep going, like if we move fast enough we can distract ourselves from emotional pain.  Often times, the thing we really need is to just take a liminal pause, if not physically, then definitely mentally or metaphysically.  A liminal pause is a moment, however long, where we just “be” with ourselves, our emotions, and our pain so that we can process or work through the energetic and emotional impact trauma has on us.  The Liminal Pause Bracelet is intentionally designed to assist whenever a liminal pause is needed.  The combination of Hematite, Selenite and Pink Tourmaline creates all the necessary energy for that process, grounding us so we can be present in the “now” (Hematite), cleansing our energy and the energy around us so that it as pure and high vibrational as white light (Selenite), and dissipating and transmuting the negative energy within us so that we can process from a position of balance in order to receive the intended messages from the Universe to connect with our Higher Selves in order to understand and learn what we are to take from the experience in order to serve our higher purpose here in this dimension. 

Hematite is the grounding force in the stone world that connects us to Mother Earth.   Everyone can use a little Hematite in their life given its powerful grounding and balancing energy.  Hematite assists the user in feeling centered and calm.  Its energy is intense, but also subtle.  It is also a very protective stone, assisting in protecting against harmful geopathic and electromagnetic energies.  It is also said to be a great detoxifying stone.  Hematite is one of our favorite stones to use, and something everyone should have on hand for those moments when balance and grounding is needed.

Selenite, also known as the “Goddess Stone”, is a crystalline structure of Gypsum.  It is also considered the “Ultimate Cleansing Stone” given its high vibrational energy that is known for cleansing and purifying energy.  It is the most commonly used stone by crystal enthusiasts for cleansing and charging other stones.  Working with the Crown Chakra, Selenite energy cleanses and purifies in a highly spiritual way the mind and body so that it vibrates at a higher frequency, connecting to the Higher-Consciousness and receiving messages from the Universe.  It is a conductor of energy, shifts and opens energy blocks, and brings peace and purity to the mind, body and soul.  This stone is one of the Super Stars of the crystal world.

Pink Tourmaline as part of the Tourmaline family has all the protective qualities of Tourmaline while also incorporating all of the qualities of love found in pink stones.  Pink Tourmaline is one of the best stones for emotional healing, especially from grief caused by tragedy, loss of a loved one, or heartbreak.  It carries with it strong energies of compassion, self-love and healing for the heart.  It is an excellent assistant with depression, sadness, lack of self-love, anxiety, and stress. 

Who this bracelet is good for:  Anyone who needs protection and healing from loss, grief, sadness, trauma, or stress; anyone who could use assistance in remaining balanced and grounded; those with ADHD; those who are empaths or emotionally sensitive.

****Disclaimer*****  The information provided with regard to metaphysical properties and energy is intended merely for entertainment and recreational purposes. We offer no guarantee nor claim that crystals provide a benefit for everyone.  Simply put, some people never feel the effects or benefit of crystal energy.  None of this information is intended to provide medical information nor should crystals be used as a substitute for proper medical care.  If you have a medical or mental health condition, we strongly encourage you to seek proper medical and health care treatment from a licensed health care provider.  

****Please note our bracelets are hand-made in small artisanal batches.  Each stone and bracelet is unique, and sizes and style may slightly vary based upon availability of materials. Small is approx. 7 in.; Medium is approx. 7 1/2 in.; Large is approx. 8 in.  If a custom size is needed,  please order through the custom bracelet option at the bottom of the page.