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Properties:      *Nurturing *Healing *Present *Love *Friendship *Relationships *Self-Confidence *Aligning *Calming *Higher Self *Intuition *Introspection *Self-Improvement *Positivity *Grounding *Focus

Materials: 8mm matte rounds of Porcelain Jasper and 8mm tumbled rounds of Grey Moonstone with Hematite spacers.

Description:  The Kid’s Friendship Bracelet was important to Dani.  She wanted to make sure she designed a bracelet that could be shared with a best friend.  She modeled her BFF Bracelet off the adult Friendship Bracelet because Porcelain Jasper is the perfect stone for friends to each wear.  Not only does Porcelain Jasper have that BFF type of energy that nourishes the soul, each bracelet is similar, but beautifully unique.  Kids love getting two of these and giving one to his or her best friend.  How great would it be if we saw every children in the world wearing one of these, symbolizing that there is someone else out there that loves them just as they are?

Porcelain Jasper is the crystal version of that BFF energy that is there to celebrate the highs and comfort in the lows.  It is an incredibly beautiful stone with each piece displaying its own unique radiance.  It is a very nurturing stone with powerful healing energy.  It reminds us to live in the now and be present while providing a calm, nurturing, and protective energy that helps us feel safe and secure.  It is there for us as we work to heal from the past, and it assists us in being open to receive love again after heartbreak.  It helps us regain self-confidence and self-esteem when it has been damaged.  Porcelain Jasper is useful in aligning all chakras, and it is associated with the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras.

Grey Moonstone is part of the Moonstone family, which has a beautiful sparkling or twinkling reflectiveness called labradorescence.  It is an excellent stone for children who are hyperactive or emotionally or sensory sensitive.  It has a soothing and gentle energy that calms children, helping to prevent nightmares and other sleep problems.  Its energy helps children sort through their emotions and gain a higher perspective with regard to them.  Moonstone is great for children who tend to overreact to situations and other emotional triggers by helping to restore emotional balance and clearing out negative energy.  Its energy is beneficial in self-introspection and self-improvement.  Grey Moonstone helps us see all things as potential. 

Hematite is a parent’s friend for the hyperactive or high energy child.  It assists the child in slowing down, grounding to the earth, and being present and focused in the moment.  Once grounded, its energy supports children in focusing, learning, staying on task, listening and following direction.  It is a great protection stone, dispelling negative energies while assisting the child with strength and courage to safely explore the world.  It is our go-to stone when we need to feel more balanced, calm and centered.

Who this bracelet is good for:  Best friends; children who struggle with friendships and could use assistance with feeling love and accepted by self and peers.

****Disclaimer*****  The information provided with regard to metaphysical properties and energy is intended merely for entertainment and recreational purposes. We offer no guarantee nor claim that crystals provide a benefit for everyone.  Simply put, some people never feel the effects or benefit of crystal energy.  None of this information is intended to provide medical information nor should crystals be used as a substitute for proper medical care.  If you have a medical or mental health condition, we strongly encourage you to seek proper medical and health care treatment from a licensed health care provider.  

****Please note our bracelets are hand-made in small artisanal batches.  Each stone and bracelet is unique, and sizes and style may slightly vary based upon availability of materials. Small is approx. 6 1/2in.; Medium is approx. 7 1/2 in.; Large is approx. 8 in.  If a custom size is needed,  please order through the custom bracelet option at the bottom of the page.