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The Clear Mind Protection Bracelet

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“Having a clear mind and a clear space allows you to think and act with purpose”—Erika Oppenheimer

Properties: *Protection *Purification *Cleansing *Mind-Opening *Higher Consciousness *Clarity *Intelligence *Focus *Truth *Decision-Making *Wisdom

Materials:  10mm polished Black Tourmaline rounds with 10mm polished Lapis Lazuli round center.

Description:  The Clear Mind Protection Bracelet with Black Tourmaline and Lapis Lazuli was intentionally designed because sometimes the best way to protect ourselves from harm is to just use our mental faculties well.  You know that “Spidey sense” feeling where you just feel before something bad happens that something is off?  This bracelet is designed to enhance that sense and aid in trusting that sense and taking action to protect from harm.  It is designed to optimally protect those who for one reason or another cannot avoid potentially negative or dangerous situations.  It is designed to assist us in those situations to have clarity on and in the situation and to act wisely so as to mitigate possible negative outcomes for ourselves and others.  It is an excellent bracelet for those who need to travel at night or in unknown or potentially dangerous environments, those who often have to “negotiate” in a crisis or traumatic situation, and those who need to keep a level head when helping or serving others whose energy might be off balance. 

Black Tourmaline is generally thought of as the best all-around protection stone from negative energy.  It is definitely one of the “Big Daddy” black protection stones, if not THE “Big Daddy” of the “Big Daddies.”  Think of Black Tourmaline like an air purifier, taking in any type of energy and then basically purifying out any toxicity before releasing it.  It purifies and cleanses energy and provides the user protection from harmful effects of negative energy.  It also draws out negative energy within the user for purification and protection purposes before releasing it.  It is an excellent stone for those who work in an environment where they may come in contact with negative or low vibrational energy for others, including those who release such energy due to trauma.  It is an absolute “must have” for empaths or emotionally sensitive persons.  Some believe it is also beneficial for dissipating or transmuting harmful electromagnetic radiation from electronics.  Physically, it is thought to strengthen immunity, assist the adrenal gland, improve circulation, speed up metabolism, increase alertness and ground the user.

Lapis Lazuli with its deep blue color with gold and white flecks is a “Wisdom Stone.”  Throughout history, many cultures have associated it with strength, wisdom, intellectual reasoning, clarity, and truth.  It works with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras to stimulate the mind with a level of rigor needed for intellectual analysis, problem-solving, good judgment and truth seeking.  It is said to helps us connect to our higher mind so that we can act from a place of discernment, intelligence and wisdom. 

Who this bracelet is good for: People who work in law enforcement; teachers and those in the field of education; those who “negotiate” as part of their jobs; counselors; healthcare professionals; anyone who is traveling at night or in potentially dangerous or unfamiliar areas; and anyone who needs a calm, clear head to navigate a negatively charged situation. 

****Disclaimer*****  The information provided with regard to metaphysical properties and energy is intended merely for entertainment and recreational purposes. We offer no guarantee nor claim that crystals provide a benefit for everyone.  Simply put, some people never feel the effects or benefit of crystal energy.  None of this information is intended to provide medical information nor should crystals be used as a substitute for proper medical care.  If you have a medical or mental health condition, we strongly encourage you to seek proper medical and health care treatment from a licensed health care provider.  

****Please note our bracelets are hand-made in small artisanal batches.  Each stone and bracelet is unique, and sizes and style may slightly vary based upon availability of materials. Small is approx. 7 in.; Medium is approx. 7 1/2 in.; Large is approx. 8 in.  If a custom size is needed,  please order through the custom bracelet option at the bottom of the page.