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“Sometimes our balance has to be upset and our course reset in order to help us navigate to our final destination”—Ella Dominguez

Properties:  *Stability *Balance *Grounding *Stress Reliever *Reset *Luck *Prosperity *Grace *Calm *Health *Love *Compassion *Patience

Materials:  10mm matte white and blue Agate (enhanced) and White Jade rounds with antique coin charm.

Description:  Everything that happened in 2020 seemed to amplify that regular struggle to “do it all” and “have it all” while existing in a constant state of juggle and imbalance.  Many of us hope to return to a sense of security and balance.  That feeling starts within.  The Life Reboot bracelet is designed with the intention of assisting with that “rebalance.”  Agate’s energy assists with finding stability and balance while White Jade helps to connect to that sense of a life well-lived with grace, compassion and love. 

Agate is the “Ultiimate Stabilizer and Balancer” that acts as the “reset” button, assisting in returning to center when feeling out of sorts due to stress, physical or mental exhaustion, or just trying to juggle too much in our very busy modern lives.  It is the stone that reminds us to “just breathe” and assures us that everything will be okay.  It grounds while helping us connect to the collective consciousness for clarity on how to proceed forward.

Throughout history, Jade has long been thought of in many different cultures as THE “Good Luck” stone, blessing whoever touches it. It is often a traditional wedding gift for good blessings.  We at Wysdohm think of Jade as that stone that represents the life well lived, full of good health, prosperity, peace, security and grace.  White Jade is a Nephrite Jade that is distinguishable by its brilliant pure white color that helps connect to higher vibrational energies.  White Jade not only protects from negative energies it is said to enhance the energy of love in the user’s life while calming the mind and making challenges of life seem like a breeze to manage.  It is that perfect stone for ensuring you start out a relationship or new life together on the right footing or rediscover what brought you together in an existing one.  It opens the user’s heart to receive love, while softening the user’s heart to allow action from pure compassion, patience, and love, thereby promoting peace and harmony in relationships.  It is also great for protection of mother and child during pregnancy. 

Coins have often been used for their symbolism of protection and power.  The addition of the coin charm is designed to represent the power within the self to make the right choices and decisions from a balanced mind. 

Who this bracelet is good for:  Anyone who feels out of balance and in need of a mental “reset.” 

****Disclaimer*****  The information provided with regard to metaphysical properties and energy is intended merely for entertainment and recreational purposes. We offer no guarantee nor claim that crystals provide a benefit for everyone.  Simply put, some people never feel the effects or benefit of crystal energy.  None of this information is intended to provide medical information nor should crystals be used as a substitute for proper medical care.  If you have a medical or mental health condition, we strongly encourage you to seek proper medical and health care treatment from a licensed health care provider.  

****Please note our bracelets are hand-made in small artisanal batches.  Each stone and bracelet is unique, and sizes and style may slightly vary based upon availability of materials. Small is approx. 6 1/2in.; Medium is approx. 7 1/2 in.; Large is approx. 8 in.  If a custom size is needed,  please order through the custom bracelet option at the bottom of the page.